Jim Freeborough

2 hours quicker over 175km cycle-sportive

Jim Freeborough


Event – The Marmotte cycling sportive

Details – The Alps, Early July,

The course – 175kms, 6,000m of climbing

Weather – Stinking hot!

Previous best – 2012: 10hrs 30 mins

New best with Dan as coach – 2014: 8hrs 21 mins



Working with Dan I was able to take over 2hrs off my previous best time for the Marmotte sportive.

Attending a weekly Strength and Conditioning class to work on core components whilst also following a plan tailored to my event by Dan.

The programme was mixed enough to avoid repetition, challenging that I saw the kilos drop off and my performance improve throughout the period.

Dan kept me motivated and was keen to answer questions on diet, hydration, rest and technique.

Category: Cycling

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